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Belief in astrology is universal and ancient. The planetary position at the time of one's birth can reveal the entire course of one's future. Vedic astrology is not limited to an individual, it can also reveal the fates of nations, corporations & any entity within this world. Astrological knowledge is of immense help & importance; its findings purely depends on astrologer's skill in interpreting the placement and relationship of a chart. With experience and deep knowledge, it reveals acurate findings.


Gemstones are considered very important in vedic astrology as remedy for removing negative impacts caused by planets. According to our ancient occult philosophy a magnetic aura exists in the human body, meaning human body radiates heat, light, sound, magnetic forces, thus Gems play their role in influencing one's life for good or bad as and when used. The location of the various planets during a person's birth...


Meaning of YOGA in sanskrit is special planetary combination or conjunctions that renders high political and social power, influence, wealth & grand success to the native. A good examples would be Rajyoga, gajakesari yoga, shasak yoga, panch mahapurusa yoga, malvya yoga, ruchak yoga. These yogas if found in one's chart then he or she can get name, fame, prosperity and royal status.


One's astrology chart can be analysed depending on their planatery positions at the birth time for important aspect of life like..Relationship & Love, Business, Career, Health etc. A detailed analysis of the birth chart can be done to prepare special reports concerning different life aspects. These reports help guiding one's path of life for better prospects and sometimes avoid posible dangers.

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The astrological reading I have received from Yogesh Pathak have been extremely insightful and helpful. I consider him a very talented & gifted astrologer!

- Harpal Sahota

Your description of my son is amazingly correct! Every single word fit right in to truth. I can not tell you how much I appreciate your advice.

- Amritpal Dhillon

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